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Crash Course Spanish classes with Renny are specially designed to get you speaking Spanish in Boquete quickly. You will leave class on day one with useful tools for speaking your new language. Whether you’re a resident or just visiting Panama, Spanish classes with Renny will empower you to hit the ground running!

Learn Spanish in Boquete Today!

Straightforward information, simply presented, will immediately increase your confidence by removing the fear of learning a foreign language and giving you the skills to practice learning Spanish in Boquete. You’ll easily make new friends while shopping, eating and walking around town.

What You’ll Learn in Crash Course Spanish

  1. Pronunciation, Vocabulary and Useful Phrases
  2. How the language works: Organization, Structure, and Basic Rules
  3. Introductory Conversation and Some Grammar
  4. Tricks like how to make sentences without conjugating verbs!
  5. Cultural Application: How to present yourself in a mannerly way

View Course Descriptions for specific topics covered in each class

Crash Course Spanish Will Work for You!

Classes with Renny are the perfect alternative to spending 25+ hours per week in a language school classroom drilling verbs. In Crash Course Spanish you get:

  • Purple SpanishA curriculum focused on speaking Spanish, not drilling verb tenses
  • Customized material designed to fast-track speaking ability
  • Dynamic teaching methods that optimize success for every learner
  • An experienced, creative instructor who speaks at a native level
  • Guidance: Renny makes herself available 24/7 for assistance


  • Manageable schedules and class times that fit into your life
  • Small class sizes to increase participation and decrease intimidation
  • Students learn in a casual environment in just a few hours per week
  • Easy-to-find Spanish language class locations in Boquete
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