Why Crash Course Spanish?

Quick Spanish classes with Renny provide professional instruction with an easy, clear curriculum. A customized workbook presents material in the correct sequence, providing the building blocks for successive learning.  Inquire Today!

1798143_752184081538921_2999859156544957376_nLiving in or visiting Boquete offers you the perfect opportunity to learn Spanish. You don’t have to spend all your free time in a school or immersion program!

Renny will teach you the basics of successful interaction during everyday activities like shopping, going to the doctor and eating out. As you put those skills to use while going about life, your confidence will grow and you will be speaking Spanish quickly!

Spanish Crash Courses in Panama Will Work for You!

  • Curriculum is focused on speaking Spanish quickly, not drilling verbs
  • Customized materials are designed to fast-track speaking Spanish
  • Dynamic teaching methods optimize success for every learner
  • An experienced, creative instructor who speaks at a native level
  • Light homework and additional study supplement materials
  • Manageable schedule and class times that fit into your life
  • Small class sizes increase participation and decrease intimidation
  • Students learn in a casual environment a few hours per week
Renny practicing Spanish with students in Boquete
Renny practicing with Spanish Crash Course students in Boquete, Panama

As Your Spanish Teacher, Renny…

  • Owned successful language schools in two countries
  • Has decades of experience teaching Spanish and English
  • Can teach the similarities and differences to make fast connections
  • Understands how to maximize shortcuts for learning
  • Provides customized materials specific to speaking quickly
  • Is well educated on the different ways that people learn
  • Maintains a relaxed yet engaging classroom environment
  • Makes herself available 24/7 to assist you with your studies
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